From the guys at Tachyon Aerospace that brought you Technology, that allowed the dolphins to say, “So long & thanks for all the fish” – Douglas Addams.

As the space industry shoots off with its spontaneous leaps in the dark and scant technology archetypes, we have been carefully organising and evaluating our positioning within this global industry by periodically introducing technological solutions which would fill in the technology gaps or craters for that matter, left by the constant insufficient reasoning and solutions provided by the prime space organisations and the global space agencies.

As a group of innovators, with a level of reasoning correlated with laboratory and scientific peer reviews, we realised early on, the elaborate collective inhibition the space industry faces but chooses to constantly play along, any and all operatives at all levels of industry, academia and the space society to forward the current narratives and most important of all, the current technology benchmarks. All working as factions together towards maintaining the ongoing status of affairs.

It has been 60 years since its inception, the industry is still building on the old paradigms of rocket science, which since its conception, hasn’t advanced enough to instigate a monumental shift within the industry. The introduction of reusability of rockets is an enhancement but is marketed as a giant leap forward.

Another major factor for consideration is the lack of clear and concise costs associated with refurbishing a single stage. As practical as it seemed at the time for government agencies to scrap the boosters in the oceans or in orbit after the primary launch, private companies focused on reusability of rockets will have to abide by different standards of sustainable business models and end up oppressed, with a glut of used rocket stages. This will require companies to take on this burden and have to build extended infrastructure for the storage or refurbishment of the used rockets.

Since the early days of Tachyon Aerospace, we have stayed factually disciplined in our research and continued on sharing our insights and breakthroughs with the broader industry, while the industry majors have just re-packaged the same old system to attract a younger generational demographic. The campaigns and the global events, expos have all been to seek more attention towards individuals, lifestyles and extending corporate legacy. Nothing has been technology focused. As the generations of bureaucracy come unstuck, the primes and the major agencies will have to answer for the deviation between the current practicing technology and the grand theatre behind the deranged claims of traveling to Mars or any other distant planetary body with rockets.

In our conclusion, propulsion systems will be the initial point of controversy. Since it is proclaimed in the industry, that a chemical combustion is the right approach for interstellar travel. Also, considered in mainstream discussions now, is the lack of fuel for a spacecraft for when they break out of orbit for interstellar travel or even re-entry for that matter. This issue is being addressed by a few, recommending making refueling stations in orbit. As embarrassing as that sounds, these absurd concepts are being proposed and championed by the industry. The problem isn’t the lack of fuel or the distance between the refueling station from the departure point, but the propulsion system which is using that fuel and the methodology of a chemical combustion. Basic fundamentals of Space travel, every self-respecting space-faring species knows that one can’t travel out into space, with a chemical combustion rocket. Just ask Star Trek.

To set the record straight, it has felt like this industry has had a veil of control over it and its narrative, which was amusing and somewhat humorous but witnessing the depth of this ideology, is just phenomenally corroding the culture and true ambitions of the space community. This controlled narrative doesn’t let you see past what they want you to be looking at and stay focused on. The allure of being able to feel and belong to a part of this exclusive “club,” plays a very submissive effect on the people where this allure is like subtle whispers in your ear repressing you through this narrative.

Our aim in the industry, from the very start has been to show the people a reimagined version of what access to space should look like. To achieve this, we addressed some fundamental technological and cultural challenges our industry is plagued with. It was made really clear to our company when we was asked to speak at an aerospace conference, and a comment was made by a representative from a major space agency which everyone knows and associates space travel with, but we won’t name them to save everyone some grace. “That bigger organisations can’t openly engage or work with smaller innovative companies, because they can’t risk losing their position in the industry.”

This answer was to a question asked by one of our team members of this individual, because they were ranting on stage about how technology should only be released or even discussed at the right time, and any company that has technology that is 10 years, 6 years, 3 years ahead of its time is deemed to be crazy. It’s only accepted if you are considered to be 6 months ahead of time. As embarrassing as this moment will always be for the space industry, it was very clear for the whole crowd when this individual was caught off-guard when asked a simple question from a Tachyon Aerospace team member, about “who dictates these time-frames, and doesn’t this type of approach restrict technology and innovation, and can the aerospace industry afford not to be at the bleeding edge of technological progress unless the whole global industry has been strictly directed to only look at and promote Rocket science?” Fortunately for this individual, we kept our questions on propulsion. If we really wanted to make things crumble, we would have raised a plethora of questions about radiation shielding, debris shielding and most importantly prolonged space flight and its effect on the human body, which constantly seems to be pushed under the rug by the industry majors.

Whatever the instance might be for the choreographed industry responses, events, speeches, conferences etc., it is all starting to sound like the story of the boy that cried wolf that we’re now all sick of hearing over and over again. As controversial as this might sound to a few, we believe there is a silent majority which aligns with our beliefs and research. We get an over whelming amount of support from engineers and industry executives in private messages reaffirming our claims and enquiring about our technologies in private. We have catalogued a diverse outreach of CVs from the industry of diverse backgrounds, wanting to assist in the build of our project the TAV-1 Spacecraft. A commonality they all share and have expressed to us repeatedly is that “their hands are tied,” from having an opinion outside of industry practices. accessing space, without just sweeping them under the rug to maintain industry status. As adverse or disruptive this may sound to some, it is very necessary to have that approach if we are to progress the current state of technology within the industry, any further.

This approach has separated our company from the rest of the industry, as the brightest needle in the smallest haystack. In recent years we have endured criticism and backlash from majority of the people outside of the aerospace industry, who have been in our opinion ill-informed by The Media. It’s just reassurance for us that we have done the right thing, by protecting our technology, and our right place in the aerospace industry. As a progressive, technology focused organisation, we believe we have to be factual and abide by our research, standing by its findings to develop solutions addressing not just the basic challenges but the advanced challenges that we also believe are holding the whole aerospace industry back.

Like we have always stated, “As long as people stay disruptive, People will always innovate.” The shaming of breakthrough innovation at its current state and then celebrating the innovator 50-60 years down the road seems to be a common dogma within society and till the industry decides to looks at the solution with different eyes, we have decided to sit back and enjoy the show. With the Coronavirus in 2020, the world as we knew it, has been turned upside down on its head and for the first time; it looks like it is facing the right way. Now it’s up to the industry and people at large to decide which side of technology if not history, to stand beside. Also, a growing faction within the industry is sitting back and waiting for the disclosure of recovered and back engineering of particular crafts and flight systems, which is promised to be revealed sometime in January of 2021.

Some peers have suggested that moment will be when the industry revolutionises through declassification. Our initiative has always been of sovereignty. Where the human race doesn’t have to rely on back engineered, recovered flight systems waiting to be disclosed, We have our own thoughts about that? And we have nothing to say apart from once again we will sit back and enjoy the show, and wait for the new excuses to surface. And in the meantime we are still offering a solution where the industry has the opportunity to build and create something which will be a pinnacle of human ingenuity. A technological revolution instigated by the people, for the people. The approach the space industry has had towards space has always been a sprint. A sprint to the moon, a sprint to occupy the orbits, a sprint to put up a net of satellites. A sprint only lasts so long and what we have always proposed is that the space industry is an ongoing marathon by openly disclosing and contending solutions not even discussed, let alone explored by the industry primes.

We believe to be fortunate in our attempts to reach global awareness and being able to work with individuals and investors who share these values of ours. While we always will face all challenges with the upmost respect and grace, we have realised this year that it’s not about us trying to convince anyone anymore or diminish any organisation in particular, but our aim is to highlight the unspoken industry setbacks, which will lead to innovative technological breakthroughs. We would also like to thank all our followers and peers, who are always offering us success and support throughout this process, whether publicly or in private. We wish everyone all the best in a time like COVID. Our hearts go out to everyone affected by these events. As it shall pass, also will the current dogma of rocket science. Till then we have decided to sit back and enjoy the show. This is Tachyon Aerospace, redefining the speed of innovation.