Tachyon Aerospace

Redefining the Speed of Innovation

Tachyon Aerospace has designed a flight system that offers advancements in the areas of propulsion, fuel efficiency, on-board fuel production plants, avionics, radiation shielding, and power cells to the existing aerospace sector and additional solutions to markets such as the automotive & power industries.

Our aim is to provide a fully integrated flight system capable of daily multiple trans-atmospheric flights to conduct commercial and government air-to-space missions. What makes this project exceptionally cutting edge is that it will pave the way for a new generation of flight vehicles that are practical, hold a lightweight structure, deliver a quick turn-around for reusability, and integrate a “scalable system.” This will drastically reduce fuel consumption for existing flight vehicles capable of taking off and landing from conventional runways, revolutionizing the aerospace industry.

Mission Directives

Mission Directives

Core Technologies

Core Technologies

Hydro Water Pump

Direction and Innovation Unite

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Advanced Propulsion System

Tachyon Aerospace has developed an advanced propulsion system for use in our space craft the TAV1. This technology will reduce travel times and delays while saving fuel, lowering carbon emissions, and drastically increasing range.

Gravity Assist Drive

Tachyon Aerospace’s Solar Gravity Assist Drive (SGAD1) works with some of our other technologies to reduce weight in the TAV1. It also helps to control the magnetic fields around the spacecraft to contain the plasma shielding.