Behind the Scenes Look at Our Culture

Tachyon Aerospace has designed a flight system that offers advancements in the areas of propulsion, fuel efficiency, on-board fuel production plants, avionics, radiation shielding, and power cells to the existing aerospace sector and additional solutions to markets such as the automotive & power industries.

Our aim is to provide a fully integrated flight system capable of daily multiple trans-atmospheric flights to conduct commercial and government air-to-space missions. What makes this project exceptionally cutting edge is that it will pave the way for a new generation of flight vehicles that are practical, hold a lightweight structure, deliver a quick turn-around for reusability, and integrate a “scalable system.” This will drastically reduce fuel consumption for existing flight vehicles capable of taking off and landing from conventional runways, revolutionizing the aerospace industry.

This “behind the scenes” look into Tachyon Aerospace provides a glimpse into our vision of this business of greater sustainability we strive for. It all starts with a single individual willing to not just change the world but to be living the change they want to see in the world. A major societal and corporate transformation is required to achieve this goal of greater sustainability for the future generations.

The proprietary compartmental technologies alone associated with Tachyon Aerospace’s project, the Trans-Atmospheric Flight Vehicle (TAV 1), represent a divergent form of innovation and cooperation based on a new configuration of contemporary physics. It is a complete paradigm shift from standard practices. Tachyon Aerospace represents a journey of a few everyday individuals, who stumbled upon innovation capable of redefining the laws of physics, that direct the restated methodology of access to space and space flight.

The last 65+ years of research and development of these technologies illustrate the culture of innovation which represents Tachyon Aerospace. The innovation is defined by not only its disruptive nature and effects but by the vision behind its fruition. This vision is just a mere fractal of an innovator’s perspective, from which they seek to refine the present.

Team Values