Tachyon Aerospace Team Values

Shared Perceptions

Are very suitable to the inception of society, its institutional, scientific and public policy developments-which are shaped, formed and then governed by societal agents (scientists, physicists, teachers, governing bodies included) sharing and developing cognitive-normative frameworks and perceptions. Tachyon Aerospace is building on a culture bound on not just thinking outside the box, but thinking from a place where the “box” never existed.

Shared values

The fundamentals of community, society to institution, values have grown and evolved with humanity as humanity has grown through the ages. Values determine all the choices we make, they lie at the very core of the life and reality we are creating for ourselves. Through our values we express what is important in our lives and when we stay true to our values, the life-style we live is our expression of these values. Similar shared values are at the core of every prosperous and affluent group or family. The values shared and practiced at Tachyon Aerospace reflect a responsibility shared among all team members equally towards greater sustainability, maintaining a kindled environment.

Shared Acuity

The byproduct of a family based environment and values. The acuity at Tachyon Aerospace represents a culture of an equally shared vision. Team members are encouraged to contribute towards multiple components of a project that we naturally gravitate towards, instead of having designated positions and management with a 9-5 attitude. Our team believes in holding ourselves equally accountable for the accomplishment of our goals and milestones. This approach encourages and builds a Polymathic environment, which is fundamental for advanced innovation.

Shared Practices

Shared Perceptions lead to Shared Values, and Shared Values lead to Shared Acuity. Our polymathic, fully engaged environment leads to an Innovative work environment, with team members working as multidisciplinary individuals. Advancing and Innovating the Industry as the “Liaisons of Change.” At Tachyon Aerospace, this is regarded as normative behavior and not disruptive.