Tachyon Aerospace joined the International Space Association As One of Its Expert Network Contributors of ISA along with SpaceX, Blue Origin, Virgin Galactic

Tachyon Aerospace is proud to announce a collaboration with the International Space Association and their network of organizations from within and outside the aerospace industry who have come together for the greater goal of creating and improving the ethical conduct associated with the ability to access space. Access into space presents a monumental opportunity for our civilization to come explore this new frontier with the upmost of collaboration for the appropriate representation of every individual living on this planet. As all human exploration shrunk distances on our planet, capable space flight will let us realize new distances. The aerospace industry right now is experiencing a renaissance moment within itself. From the control and influence being shifted into private hands; it is a revolutionary time for the industry. For the first time in history everyday people are steering the course of industry. The individuals who understand and foresee what the outcome of this monumental shift is to be are organizing and preparing for what the future will hold for a true space-faring society. Not just single companies and groups, but the whole of the industry is shaping itself to represent the people. The movement which is now steering the course of industry is, and always was, “for the people, by the people,”—and at Tachyon Aerospace, we are proud to be a part of this collaboration.

See the ISA network directory here.