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Near-Zero Emissions for Diesel Vehicles

Tachyon Aerospace Alternative R&D department is developing a near-zero emissions system for diesel transportation. This plasma technology will greatly reduce pollution from locomotives, buses, and large vehicles which use diesel fuel. Our research has shown that harmful emission particulates can be transmuted to non-toxic levels and nearly 100% zero harmful emissions in diesel engines may be possible. In addition, our crystallized hydrogen emulsion injection technology vastly improves fuel mileage in diesel vehicles.

Nations around the world are waking up to the ever-increasing pollution problem. Countries like China, Korea, USA, and India suffer from terrible pollution levels in their cities. While it is rarely publicized, nearly 70% of emissions causing blackouts, smog inversions, and even acid rains are from industrial sources including diesel trucking, buses, trains, and heavy machinery. Tachyon’s emissions reduction system could effectively reduce that 70% to nearly zero.

Tachyon Aerospace aims to take this technology to market and has received interest in our crystallized hydrogen emulsion injection technology and plasma chamber. This technology has the ability to not only dramatically reduce the diesel consumption of the world’s commercial industry, but also has the ability to resolve diesel emissions in general. Our plasma chamber technology’s ability to reduce their footprint is thought-provoking. We are excited about this new development and are in anticipation of how it will be received by the World’s commercial market.