Tachyon Aerospace Solar Gravity Assist Drive (SGAD)

Solar energy activates the Solar Gravity Assist Drive. The proprietary phase change technology built within the drums is necessary for the system’s activation.

The activation provides gyroscopic precession with the handling and maneuverability of the TAV 1 Flight System. The SGAD once activated, self- creates the necessary torque from its rotation of the drums to the rotating axel arms as turbines would, thus creating energy along with generating a Gyroscopic Bi-polar Magnetic Field around the TAV 1.

The result is a constant supply of torque that can be converted into energy of up to a megawatt. The SGAD has the ability to produce immense amounts of energy, the system can be scaled to the desired amount.

Apart from being one of the main components of the TAV 1 Flight System, the SGAD will be also be developed as a stand-alone power generator. Providing an advance alternative to Energy Production and Distribution.

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