Advanced Propulsion System

Tachyon Aerospace’s Propulsion System presents a transformative change in manufacturing processes, through to the operation of how we launch and fly. A working prototype scale model of the engine has already been tested by peer review. While the prototype was only roughly the size of a fire extinguisher, the engine had a calculated thrust of approximately 7,000 lbf and a specific impulse (Isp) of 1,480 lbf-sec/lbm.

  • Isp of SSME (LO2/LH2) is ~450 sec
  • Isp of RD-180 (LO2/RP1) is ~338 sec
  • Isp  of SRB (solid propellant) is ~265 sec

This unique propulsion system will be scaled specific to application. The TAV 1 will incorporate two engines scaled to approximately 18′ in length and will output 176,000 lbs of thrust per engine. Benefits of the Tachyon Aerospace TAV 1 Propulsion System:

  • Reduced travel times
  • Minimal on demand fuel consumption
  • Alternative fuels producing significantly lower carbon emissions
  • Drastically increase range

Situated areas of impact:

  • Military applications
  • Commercial flight transportation
  • Unmanned exploration vehicles